Kids Classics

Mary Jane Shoes

KSS takes a look at classic children’s items that stand the test of time.

Unisa Mary Jane 7There is one shoe style that keeps on giving season after season since it’s introduction. Mary Jane shoes have been around for decades going back to the 19th Century when they were worn by men and boys. They’ve made appearances in many 19th Century paintings of aristocrats and their children.  It wasn’t until the Buster Brown comic strip in 1902 introduced the character Mary Jane that the shoes she wore became a popular style for little girls. The cartoonist, Richard. F. Outcault licensed the Buster Brown name in 1904 to the Brown Shoe Company and they created a children’s shoe line under the name and created Mary Jane shoes for little girls, which were quite popular because of the comic strip.   The original’s buttoned on the side and came in leather or patent leather. Today the shoe comes in a variety of materials and patterns making it a classic that keeps evolving.

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