Pitti Bimbo

Fringe Groups

This popular edging embellishes a few different looks this season as well as accessories. Tuc Tuc accents tropical designs with the fanciful detail, while Amaya reimagines the ‘ladies who lunch’ look, complete with signature Chanel-inspired fringe. 

Pitti Bimbo Runway photography by Giovanni Giannoni

Amaya Amaya (email: amaya@amayaforkids.com /website: www.artesania-amaya.com

Manila Grace (email: customercare@manilagrace.com/website: www.manilagrace.com/phone:  Tel. +39 059 684721 Fax +39 059 652456

Mayoral  (email: sales@mayoral.com/website: www.mayoral.com

Tuc Tuc  (email: info@tuctuc.com/website:  www.tuctuc.com/es/)

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